CCIE Information

CCIE Introduction

If you are looking for information on Cisco's CCIE, this non-affiliated CCIE fan site may help. Cisco Systems (no affiliation with this website) has created today's premier networking certification, the CCIE (Cisco Certified Internetworking Expert). Obtaining the Cisco CCIE certification is the goal of many network engineers, and not a very easy task. The passing rate of the test is amazingly low, with some estimates under 10% passing. The purpose of this website is to promote Cisco's CCIE certification, and to offer links to some of the best CCIE resources on the internet!

This fan site and not sponsored, endorced, or affilaited with Cisco Systems Inc.

How to Pass the CCIE

So you want to try for the CCIE. Be prepared for a lot of long hours and hard work. But the payoff is worth it! Here are some suggestions.

Studying for the CCIE
Plan to study at least two hours a night for the next six months. Set aside maybe 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM every night as study time. And do it! No excuses! I don't care if there is a really good show on TV, buddies are going out, boss wants you to work late, wife is frisky, or the guy next to you needs CPR. NO EXCUSES! You want to be a CCIE, right?

CCIE Resources
By far the best and most active CCIE study community on the net today. Sign up for their excellent CCIE mailing list
The CCIE Network is a new an innovative site designed to foster small organic groups of CCIEs from around the world. Along with, this site will become an essential part of your CCIE studies.

Cisco's CCIE tracks
Of course please check out Cisco's information on the CCIE. Study the list of topics and use the documentation CD for research.

Documentation CD
Bottom line. If you do not know how to navigate the documentation CD, you will not be able to pass the CCIE. Period! Use the Documentation CD as your primary source of study materials. It is the only study material that is available while you are taking the test.

Written Test Centers
Before you are able to schedule the lab, you must first pass the CCIE written. Schedule a written with the Pearson Vue prometric. Schedule the appropriate test for the CCIE certification you desire.

CCIE Training
Interesting blog on CCIE Training.

Final Thoughts

I hope this site was a help to you. If you suggestions for future additions to this page, please contact us at suggestions -at-